RAID Sidemount Diver

RAID Sidemount Diver

RAID Sidemount Diver


Sidemount diving was initially developed by cave divers to explore exploration of cave systems where access was extremely restricted.

Since its inception, manufacturers and opne water divers have embraced the beauty, freedom and ease of sidemount diving. Today sidemount divers can be seen in all environments from serene coral reefs to passage ways in dark forbidding wrecks.

The RAID Sidemount course has been developed to work in conjunction with both recreational to technical diving. In this programe, you will learn how to safely use a single sidemount cylinder system and also the twin (left & right) cylinder configuration. 


- RAID online learning, quizzes & exams to be completed before practical sessions.
- One kit configuration session (3-4hours at the dive centre)
- One confined session at The Dolphin Leisure Centre, Poole
- Two Open Water dives at Vobster Quay, Frome.
PLEASE NOTE: If more open water dives are required to perfect skills these will be charged at an extra rate per dive.


- The history and advantages of Sidemount diving.
- Equipment used for Sidemount diving and how to configure it.
- What accessories are commonly used by Sidemount divers.
- When to switch gas during your dive and how to gas share.
- You'll master your buoyancy and trim.


- Must be certified as Open Water 20 Diver (or equivalent)
- Must have your own sidemount set-up to complete this course.
- Must have solid buoyancy skills.
- Must be minimum of 16 years old.


- Register/sign into your RAID account online at
- Assign Dorset Diving Services as your local Dive Centre (Click your RAID Profile, Select 'View or change My Dive Centre')
- Have a browse through the courses and select the course(s) you'd like to do
- Download your FREE eLearning materials and start reading
- Let us know what course(s) you have selected and we can sit down & compare diaries to get you booked into your practical training!
- Payment for your practical training is required at the time of booking and all eLearning/Quizzes/Exams must be completed the day before your first practical session.

When completing this course you will need to attend a pool session on a Friday evening, followed by a weekend day at Vobster Quay in Frome.
Vobster Quay will be on a Saturday or Sunday at a cost of £23 each.
You will need to make your own way to the sites. 

Our Course Terms & Conditions can be read here, by purchasing this product you agree to all Terms & Conditions.

RAID Sidemount Diver


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