PADI Divemaster

Hi, I'm JoJo! I'm a PADI Divemaster here at Dorset Diving Services, you'll also find me working at the dive centre throughout the week working in the shop,  doing the admin bits and organising the courses & trips/events. I'm the one bossing Leon around ;) 

I started my diving career with a PADI Open Water Course while studying Marine Ecology & Conservation at University in 2014. I experienced a few teething problems at first but did not let this knock me back and got straight back in the water the following week. Initially my diving plans were to go as far as Advanced with a handful of specialties so I could dive in clear, blue waters on my holidays. This did not quite go to plan, I caught the bug very quickly and continued to dive regularly in the UK.

Then, in 2019 I qualified as a PADI Divemaster! I love underwater photography and spotting all kinds of different wildlife under the water. As a PADI DIvemaster I can teach Discover Scuba Diving, Emergency Oxygen Provider, Underwater Photography, Project AWARE and Project AWARE Coral Conservation.

Since I started diving in 2014 I've dived many times off the coastline of Dorset, exploring the many wrecks, bays and piers that are on offer. I've also been lucky enough to dive the Red Sea (4 times in Different locations), The Florida Keys, Monterey Bay, Cornwall and Lundy Island. I've even done a couple of trips to Y-40, TODI Aquarium and Nemo33. 

I'd love to progress into a bit of tec diving and maybe delve into a cave or two, but a cavern will do! I've plenty of things on my bucket list like diving with Humpbacks, snorkelling with Sperm Whales, South Africas Sardine Run and Ningaloo Reef.