RAID Wreck Diver Package

RAID Wreck Diver Package

RAID Wreck Diver Package


Wreck diving is one of the most popular types of diving all over the world! From shipwrecks to plane wrecks they can date back hundreds, if not thousands of years! Wrecks can be found in all kinds of forms anywhere in world at any depth, the best way to explore them is to do so safely. That's why we highly recommend this course.

This Specialty is designed to extend your knowledge and skills of diving to allow you to dive on wrecks safely including the penetration of wrecks. It develops the knowledge required to plan, prepare and analyse for your dive to reduce stress and confusion, allowing you to enhance your diving experience.

This course package includes both RAID Wreck & RAID Advanced Wreck.

What's involved in course?

You'll learn all about the following: 
- Why wreck dive?
- The nature of wreck diving
- How to access wrecks properly
- How to choose appropriate wreck sites
- Choosing instruments for wreck diving
- Advanced Wreck diving equipment
- Wreck penetration
- The parameters of wreck diving
- RAID's 10 point guide to wreck diving
- What you can do to further your knowledge and skill

You'll complete the FREe-learning materials before completing your confined session and 6 practical open water dives.

STAGE 1 - Wreck Diver (2 open water dives)
You'll learn all about wreck diving in your learning materials, then in open water you will learn how to navigate around the outside of a wreck safely. You'll do this by:
- Using natural navigation with the wrecks features
- Demonstrating good buoyancy and trim
- Sketching the wreck (or a significant part of it)
- Demonstrating light use & light signals
- Demonstrate the removal & replacement of your cutting tool
- Measuring SAC rates

STAGE 2 - Advanced Wreck Diver (4 open water dives)
Here you'll progress onto some more advanced diving techniques for safer wreck diving, so you can safely enter and exit a wreck. You'll do this by:
- 1 confined water session. Here your instructor will check your buoyancy and trim, you'll practice some finning techniques, line laying under the water and redundant gas supply use. If time allows we will do some line cutting practice too.
- Demonstrate a primary & secondary tie-off outside the wreck
- Demonstrate proper buoyancy, trim and finning style while laying and retrieving a guideline.
- Demonstrate tying wraps while deploying
- Swim a line with a blacked out mask
- Measure SAC rates
- Lost line drill, find the guideline using the correct method
- Entanglement drill, with buddy to help become free from entanglement
- Deploy an SMB (if appropriate) at 5m

You can complete the two stage 1 dives off an evening boat (when applicable, this does not include day boats) or at an inland site. The stage 2 dives must be completed at either Vobster Quay or NDAC (for suitability reasons).


1. To be a minimum of 15 years old.
2. Certified RAID Advanced 35 diver (or equivalent)
3. Complete the eLearning and registration forms.

- You will need your own primary and backup torch
- You will need your own primary & backup spool/line (at least 30m)
- You will need a 2m long hose on your primary regulator
- You will need a spare mask
- You will need a cutting device
- A compass and slate is highly recommended


How to get started!

- Register/sign into your RAID account online at
- Assign Dorset Diving Services as your local Dive Centre (Click your RAID Profile, Select 'View or change My Dive Centre')
- Have a browse through the courses and select the course(s) you'd like to do
- Download your FREE eLearning materials and start reading
- Let us know what course(s) you have selected and we can sit down & compare diaries to get you booked into your practical training!
- Payment for your practical training is required at the time of booking and all eLearning/Quizzes/Exams must be completed the day before your first practical session.

When completing this course you maybe asked to attend either Vobster Quay or a boat dive. Seperate entry and parking fees may apply - these are not included in the cost of your course.
Boat dives are on Monday & Thursday evenings from 1730 onwards and depart from Poole Quay. Student spaces are £60. Day boats are not applicable for courses.
Vobster Quay will be on a Saturday or Sunday at a cost of £23 each.
You will need to make your own way to the sites.

Our Course Terms & Conditions can be read here, by purchasing this product you agree to all Terms & Conditions.

RAID Wreck Diver Package


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