Beuchat Boat Set

Beuchat Boat Set
Beuchat Boat Set

Beuchat Boat Set



The Beuchat Boat Kit Set “Boat Diving System” is a lightweight self-containeddiving unit, allowing the user to carry out checks, small repairs, or other operations on the hull of pleasure crafts. Ideal for sailing yachts and super yachts, any boat doing long distance or round the world trips. Up to a depth of ten metres for dives shorter than five minutes. 20 minutes of breathing time at 3 metres.

On board kit
2L Tank, V First regulator, Pressure gauge, harness, mask, snorkel, Travel bag

Composition: Adjustable harness with integrated weights, one 2 litre/230 bar cylinder, regulator, pressure gauge, mask and snorkel.

Estimated capacity: 20 minutes of breathing time at 3 metres or 5 minutes at 10 metres.

The 2-liter tank calibrated to 232 bars gives approximately 20 minutes of breathing time at 3 metres, or 5 minutes at a maximum depth of 10 metres. The high-pressure gauge connected to the regulator first stage allows the user to fill and control the tank correctly before diving, and is used as a tool to monitor the air pressure level throughout the immersion.

Use of the kit requires proper dive training.


  • Use: Air
  • 1st Stage: Piston
  • LP Ports: 4
  • HP Ports: 1
  • Connection: DIN 230/300B
  • Venturi Control: Yes
  • Standard: EN 250-2014
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • Dimension : 45 x 35 x 18 cm

Beuchat Boat Set


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