RAID Drysuit Diver

RAID Drysuit Diver

RAID Drysuit Diver


Get the most out of your diving by using the correct exposure suit. Did you know water conducts heat away from the bosy at least 20 times faster than air? So if you're diving in cooler waters (approximately anything less than 21 degrees) you need to make sure you're fully prepared. A drysuit keeps the water out and by using a layer (or more!) of air around the body it keeps you warm.

This programme covers all you need to know about drysuit diving and takes you through all the different aspects which are important for new and experienced divers.

The confined water sessions will allow you to master buoyancy control and put to rest any fears you may have about this aspect before you venture out into open water. The skills that you will learn with this programme will help you to become a comfortable and safe drysuit diver.


The academics cover, but are not limited to, the following:

Facts to be considered when diving
Drysuit construction and how they stay dry
Best suit for recreational diving and how do you know if it fits correctly
Insulation and undergarments
Seals, zips, valves and accessories
Buoyancy and inflation systems
Annual servicing

The practical sessions require 1 confined and 2 open water training, covering everything from buoyancy to problems that may be encountered.

The practical programme is just that! Practical skills for real diving.


You will need to be Open Water Diver or equivalent.
You will also need your own Drysuit for this course.


- Register/sign into your RAID account online at
- Assign Dorset Diving Services as your local Dive Centre (Click your RAID Profile, Select 'View or change My Dive Centre')
- Have a browse through the courses and select the course(s) you'd like to do
- Download your FREE eLearning materials and start reading
- Let us know what course(s) you have selected and we can sit down & compare diaries to get you booked into your practical training!
- Payment for your practical training is required at the time of booking and all eLearning/Quizzes/Exams must be completed the day before your first practical session.

When completing this course you will need to attend a pool session on a Friday evening, followed by a weekend day at Vobster Quay in Frome.
Vobster Quay will be on a Saturday or Sunday at a cost of £23 each.
You will need to make your own way to the sites. 


Our Course Terms & Conditions can be read here, by purchasing this product you agree to all Terms & Conditions.

RAID Drysuit Diver


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