Suunto Vyper Novo

Suunto Vyper Novo
Suunto Vyper Novo
Suunto Vyper Novo
Suunto Vyper Novo

Suunto Vyper Novo


Finally we wave goodbye to the Suunto Vyper to make way for the Suunto Vyper Novo! The original Suunto Vyper was voted one of the 10 best pieces of dive equipment last century! So the new Suunto Vyper Novo has some seriously big boots to fill. But once again Suunto's dive computer department has done the job!

The Vyper Novo receives some big upgrades including a new display with partial dot matrix layout for much a much improved display of information, the navigation system has been upgraded to four buttons similar to the D series computers, the interface port has been improved, gas switching has been added and an electronic tilt compensating compass has been incorporated.

The Vyper Novo is fitted with a protective boot that covers the edge of the computer and lips over the buttons to provide scratch protection and also to increase the button size for easier use with thinker gloves. The elastomer strap can be removed and replaced with a bungee strap and attachments that are also supplied with the Vyper Novo.

The dive computer is now compatible with a Suunto Wireless Transmitter for convenient on screen display of your cylinder pressure. This computer comes with Suunto DM5 software / Movescount USB Interface that allows you to download your dive profile data to your PC or Mac and gives you the option of sharing if with your friends across the world.

Take it on a simulated test dive with the Suunto Learning Tool



  • Optional wireless air integration for tank pressure information
  • Partial dot matrix display
  • Tiltable electronic 3D compass to keep you on course
  • User-friendly design featuring easy-to-read matrix display and simplified four-button operation
  • Three dive modes and gas-switching capability
  • Continuous decompression with the Suunto RGBM algorithm
  • Built-in dive simulator and dive planner
  • Detailed graphical logs and dive data on your computer using Suunto DM5 software




  • 65.9 x 60.4 x 28.7mm
  • 2.59 x 2.38 x 1.13"
  • 68g / 2.4oz

Suunto Vyper Novo


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