Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

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New year, new you??  YES!

We all love setting ourselves goals in the new year, whether they last a week or the whole year! It’s such a simple thing to do and can lead to some exciting adventures throughout the following 12 months and in addition, the rest of your life!

So, for now, lets not kid ourselves that we’re going to stick to a healthy diet and go running every other day (a big well done to those of you who do and stick to it - I admire you so much!). Pick up that chocolate bar and have a browse through our courses, see what you fancy doing for yourself in 2021. Here’s a quick summary for you 😉

Is your new year resolution to start something new? Get a new hobby?

Then this is a good place to start.
Come along to one of our PADI Discover Scuba Diving sessions on a Friday evening at The Dolphin Leisure Centre in Poole. It’s an evening with a couple of our PADI Professionals introducing you to the underwater world, they’ll go through:

  • What scuba diving is all about
  • You’ll be shown a short video all about scuba diving
  • We’ll then show you a kit setup and show you how it all works
  • You’ll then get in the water…
  • Once you’re in the water you’ll be shown some skills that you can then have a go at
  • Once the skills are done, you’ll have time to swim around and get use to your new found skill of breathing under the water. We even have a couple of frisbees to play with!
  • At the end of the evening we’ll do a debrief and discuss what you did and how well you did it and answer any questions you have followed by a certificate presentation.

It’s a great way to give it a go and double check that it’s something you’ll be comfortable with before you commit to the PADI Open Water Course.

Did you enjoy that? Or have you done it already and want to start your training?

Then let’s book you onto the PADI Open water course! There are a couple of options for this…

  1. Buy your eLearning now for £99
    This is by far our most popular option at the moment. It means you pay for your knowledge part of the course and pay the remaining balance of the course total once it’s completed and you’re ready to get wet! When you purchase this, you will get an email within 24 working works that gives you access to your online learning – click the link, register your detail and start your learning. There are 5 sections to read through which include videos and small quizzes and then one final exam at the end. All of this must be completed before you book onto your practical sessions. So, once you’ve been through it all and completed the quizzes and exam you need to get in touch with us to book onto your practical sessions and pay your remaining balance for the course.
    Click the image below to buy yours now!

  2. Book straight onto the PADI Open Water course via our booking system.
    By booking this way you pay the full amount for the course up front and secure your space on the practical sessions that you want to attend. Once you’ve booked your space you will receive your eLearning email within 24 working hours so that you can get started right away. This will all need to be completed before you attend your first pool session. There are also PayPal finance options available for you to choose from at the check out point to help you spread the cost of your course.
    Click the image below to book onto your course now!

If you are booking onto our PADI Open Water Course, please be aware of the following:

  • Confined pool sessions are every Friday evening from 7pm at The Dolphin Leisure Centre in Poole – there are 4 evenings to attend.
  • Open Water days are carried out at Vobster Quay Inland Diving Centre in Frome. You will need to make your own way there. Entrance fees do apply. These are carried out over 2 days – most likely the last 2 Sundays of every month (you can see the schedules on the booking system for this).
  • You will need to purchase your own mask, snorkel and neoprene boots for the course. We recommend purchasing a well-known scuba brand (not one off Amazon). Pop into the dive centre for help & advise with these, we have packages to help with costs too.

Is your new years resolution to get back into diving?

If you haven’t dived for a while and you want to get back into it why not come and join us in the pool one evening for a PADI Scuba Review or a PADI Re-Activate. It’s a great chance to dust off those cobwebs and reignite your passion. So, what’s the difference I hear you ask?

Scuba Review.
This is recommended for those who have been out of the water for approx. 12 months. Our PADI Professional will have a chat with you on the evening to get an idea of your past experience and what you have in mind for your future diving. From this, they’ll take you into the water and go over all the skills from your Open Water course. You’ll also get the chance to focus on some of the skills a bit more if you want to, aswell as working on some simple buoyancy skills if you have time.

PADI Re-Activate
This is recommended for those who have been out of the water for a long time (1 year+). You get an eLearning code up to the level that you are trained to (the highest being PADI Rescue Diver), this enables you to go back through the theory part of your qualification level (including the basics) and then on the evening you refresh all of your PADI Open Water Skills, as well as any other skills you’d like to go over. You’ll need to have completed all your online theory before you attend your pool session and once you’ve completed your pool session you get a new certification card with a renewed date on it.

These are 2 great options to help you get back into your hobby! Once you’ve completed your evening you can come and join us for some diving on the boat and off the local shore – you may even fancy booking onto one of our upcoming trips!

Is your new years resolution to do more diving?

Awesome! We have an array of specialty courses – and PADI Pro ones. There are several options:

  • Have you completed your PADI Open Water and want to do more?
    Then take a look at our PADI Advanced Open Water diver. 92% of our PADI Open Water students go onto their PADI Advanced course after they’ve completed their first course. It’s means that you can dive a little bit deeper, gain more knowledge, learn new skills and further your diving adventures. It’s a great course and is highly recommended - click the picture below to find out more! Click here to start your eLearning.

  • Do you want to learn even more skills and learn some specialties?
    We have several specialty courses that you can complete – most of which can be done via eLearning before you book onto the practical sessions. From Fish ID to Deep & Wreck diving you can expand your knowledge and learn the skills to discover something new that interests you. Our most popular specialty courses are PADI Deep Diver, PADI Wreck Diver and PADI Night Diver. You can book your course right now by clicking the image below or start your eLearning now by CLICKING HERE.

  • What if you’ve done all the specialty courses you want to do….?
    Have you seen the PADI Rescue Diver course? Not only can you learn how to prevent problems but you can also learn how to rescue fellow dive buddies, as well as yourself! It’s a great course and you can learn some invaluable skills and knowledge whilst doing it. Click the image below to find out more information and book your place now.

  • So you’ve done your specialties AND your Rescue diver. What next?
    TEACH IT! Become a PADI Pro!
    Take your first steps into becoming a PADI Professional, sign up for the PADI Divemaster course. As a PADI Divemaster you will assist PADI Instructors with students both in and out of the water – you can also teach some courses on the PADI curriculum! It’s a great way to get started in a diving career and is so rewarding. After that you can take a giant stride into the world of instructing, join a PADI Instructor Development Course and teach what you love to others with the help of your own PADI Divemaster’s by your side – an even more rewarding adventure.
    Click the image below to find out more about being a Divemaster. If you want more information about becoming a PADI Pro and getting to instructor level, contact us directly.

NEW FOR 2021!

Diver Course Packages!
We’ve put together some packages to help you save some dollar!

  • PADI Open Water & PADI Advanced Open Water Package.
    Save yourself £220 when you book this package – it also includes a FREE 12 month membership for our Dive Club! 92% of our Open Water Divers carry on into their Advanced Open Water course, so why not save yourself £220 and book them together! Click the package name above for more information.
  • UK Diver Package.
    Save yourself £200 and get 12 months of FREE club membership. If you’re sure to be diving throughout the year in the UK then this is the package for you. It includes: Open Water, Advanced Open Water, DSMB, Drysuit and Enriched Air Diver. A perfect way to start your dive life – click the package name above for more information.
  • Master Scuba Diver Challenge.
    Save £280 when you book these courses together, plus you get a FREE club membership with it! Once you’ve finished the courses within the package you’ll be recognised as one of PADI’s elite divers and will be awarded with the Master Scuba Diver certification at the end of it. The package includes Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, DSMB Diver, Enriched Air Diver, Deep Diver, Wreck Diver, EFR, O2 Provider and Rescue Diver. Click the package name above for more details.
  • Specialty Course Package.
    Save yourself £120 when book onto our 3 most popular specialty courses. This package is aimed at those who have already completed their PADI Advanced Open Water diver course, it includes PADI Deep Diver, PADI Wreck Diver and PADI Night Diver. There is also the added option of adding PADI Enriched Air Diver onto the package, saving you an extra £35! Click the package name above for more details.

Our packages are designed with you in mind. The discounted rates are only available when the package is purchased as a whole. PayPal finance options are available at the checkout to help spread the costs.

As of Spring 2021 we will be running First Aid courses – not just for divers but for others too. The courses include:

  • Emergency First Responder (Primary & Secondary Care)
  • CPR & AED Use
  • First Aid At Work
  • Refresher courses
  • Parent & Child first aid courses

Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

Are you ready to jump right in!

For the next 6 weeks, until 17th February 2021 we are offering the below:

  • 10% off any eLearning product (15% off for C2C dive club members) – to receive 10% off enter the code ‘EL10’ at the checkout. If you’re a club member pop onto the Club FB page to get your unique 15% off code.
  • £45 off your PADI Open Water course once you’ve completed your PADI Discover Scuba Diving (that means your Discover Scuba Diving session is FREE!). Only available for participants that book & pay for their PADI Discover Scuba Diving session between 6th January and 17th February 2021. PLEASE NOTE: If your session date gets postponed you will still be eligible for this offer.
  • We still have our 3 for 2 offer on our care & repair range online
  • Along with our ‘Be seen, Light Me Up’ offer on diving light accessories.
  • Until the 31st January there is a 25% off offer on our Seal Team Crew Packs – use code SANTA25 at the checkout to receive your discount.


We look forward to seeing you soon.
If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.






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