Equip Yourself for the Adventure Ahead!

At DDS, we have plenty of top notch equipment available for hire.

Kit hire can be arranged during the booking process for DDS events.

For Private Hire, please contact us using the contact form below with your requirements so that we can provide you with a tailored quote.

  • Cylinder Hire

    A range of well maintained 7L, 10L, 12L & 15L cylinders available for Rental.
    £10/day + Gas Fill Price

  • Regulator Hire

    We have a large stock of Apeks XL4 Regulators available to hire. Available in DIN or YOKE configurations


  • Wetsuit Hire

    We have a range of O'three 6/5 Semi-Dry Wetsuits available for hire in sizes XS-3XL


  • Drysuit Hire

    We have a range of O'three Port 10 Drysuits available for hire combined with Fourth Element undersuits


  • Fins Hire

    Various fins available for hire long fins, short fins and split fins in a variety of sizes


  • Dive Computer Hire

    We have a range of Suunto & Aqualung dive computers available for hire


  • Torch Hire

    Light up your dive with our range of Divepro, OrcaTorch and Scubapro Dive torches and lights


  • BCD Hire

    We have a range of Aqualung Pro HD and XDEEP Buoyancy Compensators available for hire


  • Weight Hire

    We have a range of lead options available for your dive. Available in lead blocks, lead shot and vee's


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