Courses Terms & Conditions


    • Deposit payments reserve the named student a space on the designated course that is purchased and covers the cost of all theory learning materials for the purchased course. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before the starting date of the stated course.
    • Deposits are non-refundable but are transferrable to an alternative date for the stated course, should it need to be changed.
    • Courses are non-transferable to other people once eLearning has been assigned and/or practical sessions have been attended.
    • If the remaining balance of any course has not been paid a week beore the start date your space will be cancelled and deposit lost. A rebooking fee of half the course cost may be applied if you wish to complete and rebook the course.
    • All courses must be completed within 12 months of purchase. If you wish to complete the course after the 12 months has passed you will be required to pay a re-registration fee - price is dependent on the course, please ask for more information.
    • Any courses paid in full are refundable within 14 days of the original purchase date – excluding any learning material costs that have already been received by the purchaser/student participant.
    • If a course has been paid in full and the named student is unable to attend the training date(s) assigned to the course purchased, then the following charges apply to re-arrange any other training sessions:
      £25 per pool session missed
      £75 per open water day
      The re-arranged session will be on the next available date - this may need to be transferred onto the following month, where the rest of the days may also be chargable.
    • No refunds for any amount will be given if the course is cancelled by the student within 14 days of the course start date.
    • Refunds will be given at any time if the cancellation is due to medical reasons. However, the student will need to provide a recent doctor note for this, dated within the last 2 weeks.
    • Deposits are non-refundable.
    • Courses are non-transferable to other people once eLearning has been assigned and/or practical sessions have been attended.
    • Coast2Coast Scuba Diving Ltd reserve the right to vary/postpone/cancel at their discretion any course or related content where circumstances or conditions necessitate or if the minimum number of participants has not been met.
    • If a transfer for a PADI Discover Scuba Diving space is required we allow 1 free of charge transfer onto another date. After that there will be a £20 charge per participant.
    • If a student cancels their space(s) due to nonmedical reasons on a course before 14 days of the scheduled course date(s) they will receive a full refund, minus the cost of any materials already received or any boat space (if required).
    • If a student cancels their space(s) due to nonmedical reasons on a course up to 14 days before the scheduled course date(s) they will receive no refund.
    • Coast2Coast Scuba Diving Ltd reserve the right to ask for a doctors note if several transfers/cancellations are requested due to medical reasons.
    • If a student makes the decision not to continue with their course no money will be refunded and the space/course/balance cannot be transferred to another person.
    • If a student cancels their space(s) due to new medical reasons (not pre-existing) on a course a full refund will be given, minus any cost of any materials already received or booked boat space (if necessary). A doctor’s note is required to receive a full refund.
    • If a student wishes to transfer their course to another date due to incomplete theory learning or an incomplete medical, they will be charged half of the course price to do so.
    • If a course is cancelled due to a doctors recommendation following a medical review upon booking the course, then the following is applicable, due to the fact that a tick box agreeing to the RSTC Medical Statement has already been ticked:
      - No deposit payment will be refunded.
      - A full refund will only be given, minus any learning material costs and/or boat spaces booked, if it is within 14 days of the course purchase.
      - No refund will be given for any pre-existing medical conditions that are listed on the RSTC Medical Statement.
    • All courses are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, we will endeavour to complete all courses within this time. If we are unable to in the unlikely event of circumstances on our side we will honour this and re-register your courses. If it is not completed within 12 months due to circumstances on your side you will need to part a re-registration fee.
    • At the time of booking a course via the online booking system you should have viewed the Medical Statement and ticked to agree to the conditions of the document – that you can answer ‘NO’ to all of the questions on page 1. This is printable, should you need it for a doctor sign off if you have had to answer ‘YES’ to any questions.
    • All students on any training course MUST complete a successful Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC) Medical Statement. This can be done via the eLearning training app or will be sent to you from Coast2Coast Scuba Diving Ltd to complete before your course attendance.
    • If a student answers ‘YES’ to any question on the RSTC Medical Statement, then the student CANNOT take part in any in-water activities until the entire document has been reviewed and completed by a suitable physician/GP and they have been signed off as fit to dive on the RSTC Medical Statement.
    • If a student is unable to dive on the doctor’s recommendation, then the course may not be refundable – please refer to section 3.5 for more details.
    • The RSTC Medical Statement is valid for one year, unless your medical circumstances change within that period, whereupon a new form/sign off from the GP/Physician may well be required.
    • If any medical circumstances change within the year of completing the RSTC Medical Statement, please make us aware. Any unknown changes may result in harm being caused to yourself which is not our responsibility. You dive at your risk if you do not make us, or your GP, aware of any changes.
    • A GP sign off is acceptable. However, if you want a more thorough examination then we advise contacting a dive specific doctor.
    • All training dates that are specified on our online booking system must be attended by all students to gain the relevant training qualification.
    • If a course is booked via the website and training dates are organised once booked these must also be adhered to gain the relevant training qualification.
    • In the event of any dates being missed or cancelled by the student then the following charges apply
      £25 per pool session
      £75 per open water day
    • By missing or cancelling any training date(s) the student understands that they may have to forfeit the remainder of any course dates, which may also be chargeable, if they are unable to catch up in time. If dates are unavailable the student may need to wait for the next course.
    • Students under the age of 18 years of age are required to be accompanied by a parent/guardian for all elements of the course. The parent/guardian must sign any required paperwork.
    • Please allow enough time for self-study. Students must complete ALL theory learning at least 2 days before the first practical training date. Failing to do so may result in not being able to partake in the practical session and arranging for another day to attend, this will result in a £25 charge.
    • It is a mandatory requirement that students must have their own training materials for each course. These materials are included in course fees, unless otherwise stated.
    • If you encounter any issues with the eLearning platform you must contact PADI directly to resolve the issue as we have no access to it.
    • If you require a book for your learning this maybe available (course dependent), but will be charged at an additional rate. Please contact us directly for costs and to order one.
    • Coast2Coast Scuba Diving Ltd use the PADI eLearning platform, where appropriate. If you have your own learning materials, you maybe asked to switch to the eLearning system, this will ensure that your learning is via the most up to date information.
    • Students understand that entry fees to training sites and any boat fees are an extra cost to courses – these are stated in the course information.
    • Students must make their own way to and from the designated training sites. Site information is stated on the course information page.
    • All our PADI Open Water training courses are done at Vobster Quay in Frome. This is a safe, controlled environment for new divers to learn in. Where possible, we will proceed with further diver training at other sites, such as shore diving and boat diving, if the weather and tides conditions are appropriate. If not, then for safety reasons we will train at either Vobster Quay or National Diving and Activity Centre.
    • All PADI Deep courses are done at The National Diving and Activity Centre.
    • For the PADI Dry Suit Course all students must use their own Dry Suit.
    • For hygiene purposes all students must use their own Mask, Snorkel and Neoprene Boots.
    • Any students using their own diving gear on any course conducted by Coast2Coast Scuba Diving Ltd must be qualified & experienced to do so and all equipment must be within the manufacturers recommended service date.
    • All courses must be completed within 12 months of the purchase of your course. If a course has not been completed within those 12 months there may be an additional charge to re-register with the PADI system.
    • No certification is guaranteed as all courses are performance based and dependent on the student being able to prove understanding of the theory and demonstrate mastery of skills.
    • If a student requires more time in the water to build confidence or work on skills extra sessions will be made available at an extra cost of £25 per session.
    • We are committed to all our students learning to dive and therefore we will provide whatever reasonable training is required to complete your courses and/or diver training at a minimal cost.
    • All certifications are received up to 1 week after the training course is completed.
    • The certification is provided via an eCard through the PADI App. If you require a certification charge, there is an additional cost for this. Costs vary so please contact us to discuss this.
    • All school equipment is washed in Milton disinfectant and rinsed off with freshwater after every use and left to drip dry.
    • All PADI recreational course cost include scuba diving equipment hire.
    • All scuba diving equipment loaned to students for courses must be looked after and handled efficiently so is not to damage the equipment.
    • Any equipment broken due to improper use will be charged at full price for its replacement.
    • If any equipment is damaged upon return the student will be liable for the repair costs.
    • If you chose to use your own equipment for any courses, it must within the manufacturers servicing recommendation date. You maybe asked to provide evidence of servicing history before the course commencement, if you are unable to do you will be required to use the school equipment.
    • By purchasing a package deal you understand that these are already discounted, and no other discount is available – even if you already hold one certification that is included in the package.
    • The package price is only available when all courses are booked at the same time. No course will be discounted to “add to” any current qualifications the diver already has to create the package.
    • The packages are only available for the stated courses, no other courses can be swapped once the package has been purchased. Unless discussed otherwise BEFORE purchasing of the package.
    • All practical sessions will only be booked once the online theory is completed, with the exception of the PADI Open Water course – this will be assigned as soon as the package is purchased if applicable.
    • Dates for the practical sessions will be assigned into other courses that are running, unless stated otherwise once the theory is completed.
    • If you require one to one learning this will be charged extra.
    • Courses can be completed at either Vobster Quay Inland Diving Centre, The National Activity & Diving Centre, off a local boat or from a local shore site. Locations will be discussed once the theory is completed and are subject to weather conditions and may change last minute.
    • Entry and parking fees are payable by the student – prices will be discussed at the time of booking. The student must make their own way to the training site(s).
    • All courses are provided with the PADI eLearning programmes, if you require a book, we can order these (if available) for an extra cost if the eLearning has not been assigned to you already.
    • Kit hire costs and air fills are included in the cost of the courses – unless stated otherwise in the course description.
      For the Dry Suit course, you must have your own Dry Suit.
      For the Night Diver course you must have a primary and back-up torch.
    • Where applicable the dive club membership is valid for 1 year from the date of completion of your first course.
    • All package prices and courses are final.
    • Club member discount is not available for the packages.
    • All of the above 1 – 7 terms & conditions points still apply to the package deals.