Your ticket to the underwater world!

From your first breaths underwater, to gaining your passport to a lifetime of adventure.

The PADI Open Water course is designed to equip divers with the skills needed to seek adventure, all over the world.

Start your adventure today!

  • Step 1 - Book Online

    Find a course with dates and times to suit you on our online booking system

    If you can't make all of the dates, it's no big deal, but please contact us before booking so we can make sure we have a suitable plan in place for you

    Online Booking System 
  • Step 2 - PADI eLearning

    Start learning right away!
    Once you're booked, you'll receive an email from PADI with your Open Water Diver eLearning.

    PADI eLearning is a great way to make sure we have a good understanding of the skills you'll be completing in the water with your PADI Instructor

    To avoid delays, your eLearning should be complete in time for your course start date

  • Step 3 - Course Orientation

    Meet the DDS Dive Team at our PADI Dive Centre in Poole.

    We'll spend a couple of hours going over some key info for your course. Such as,

    • Meet the dive team
    • Paperwork
    • Kit Fittings
    • Purchasing Required Kit

    The orientation evening should mean that you arrive at the pool on your first in water session, prepared and ready to dive!

  • Step 4 - Confined Water Dives

    With the help of your PADI Pro's, You'll complete 5 Confined water dives, over 4 evenings at Everyone Active (Dolphin) Leisure Centre in Poole.

    You'll start your first session with swim and float tests before heading into shallow water to start your scuba adventure.

    In small groups, you'll learn to breathe underwater, master neutral buoyancy and deal with problems that may occur in real life.
    All whilst building a bond with your dive buddies and dive team!

  • Step 5 - Open Water Dives

    Once we've mastered all of our skills in confined water, we'll head out to Open Water to put them into practice!

    You'll complete 4 Open Water Dives over 2 days at Vobster Quay Inland Diving Site in Frome (90 min drive)

    You'll spend the first part of each dive, repeating skills that you've previously mastered in confined water. Once we're done with skills, we're off to explore!

    You can expect to see lots of fish, a sunken plane, boat wrecks, cars and even some albino crayfish if you're lucky!

  • Step 6 - Cerification!

    Once you've completed all 5 steps and logged your dives in the PADI App with the help of your PADI Pro's, You'll be certified as a PADI Open Water Diver, qualified to 18m, anywhere in the world!

    Your PADI Instructors will talk to you about upcoming diving opportunities and the next steps in your PADI journey!

    But for now, it's time to go show off your new qualification to all your landlocked mates!

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Find dates and book online 
  • Included:

    • Course Materials (eLearning)
    • Full Scuba Kit Hire (Including Wetsuit, BCD, Cylinder, Regulators, Weights, Dive Computer, Hood, Gloves, Torch.
    • Pool Entry Fees
    • Support from the dive team on WhatsApp
    • Final Certification
  • Not included:

    • Mask, Snorkel and Boots (For hygiene and comfort reasons)
    • Vobster Quay entry fee £24/day
    • Transport to and from dive site
    • If extra sessions or rescheduling are required, extra fees will be payable. (£45/CW £75/OW)

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