Be unafRAID....Welcome to RAID

Be unafRAID....Welcome to RAID

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As of 1st January 2022 we will become a RAID Dive Centre, as well as a PADI Dive centre. We will be offering both RAID recreational and technical courses alongside PADI recreational courses.

Who are RAID and what do they do?

The Rebreather Association of International Divers!

RAID was founded in 2007 to support diver training for the Poseidon MK VI Discovery Rebreather. It has since expanded its scope to include open circuit scuba diver training and supports both recreational & technical training worldwide.

RAID differs from the rest of the diving industry by having a comprehensive online training system. With a store of over 60 online programs their online approach eliminates the need to sit in a classroom whilst delivering the theory training online with no paper, no books and no plastic - a great result for their zero environmental impact claim!

RAID is the world's fastest growing diver training agency with both full service & satellite regional offices, dive stores and instructors.

RAID has taken a new and far better approach to diver training. It ensures that it's instructors are trained to a high standard, this is done by having minimum requirements and prerequisites that are currently almost twice of the current industry standards. This is absolutely essential to ensure that all divers in training are exposed to not just highly skilled and experienced instructors, but extremely dedicated dive professionals too!

RAID's ground breaking quality assurance program incorporates a globally acclaimed and fully integrated approach to ensure RAID standards are maintained throughout all elements of all courses.

To be the global benchmark for diver and instructor training through the use of cutting edge technology and superior in-water training techniques monitored by a fully integrated and proactive quality control system.
To deliver the highest quality and most comprehensive diver services, products and training programs in the industry whilst maintaining zero environmental impact.
"Dive Training in a Class of its Own".

How are we incorporating it at Dorset Diving Services?

We are offering several RAID recreational & technical courses from open water upwards. Our team of professional instructors will be completing their recreational crossover training in January and our technical team will be completing their crossover training in February.

We'll be offering RAID courses from the Spring time when the weather warms back up and we're ready to get back in the water for another fun season of diver training!

You'll be able to book onto any course from 1st January.

How do I get started?

Easy peasy!

Pop onto the raid website and register/login.
Assign Dorset Diving Services as your Dive Centre
Browse the FREe-Learning they provide (under the Members Home tab)
Click go to the course and read through the theory manuals & complete the quizzes & exams.

You can contact us at any time to book onto your practical course.
Payment for your training is required at the time of booking - terms & conditions apply.

If you want anymore information please feel free to contact us.
You can also come along to our RAID Talk on Monday 10th January to learn more about RAID and see where your diving can take you.

RAID's FREe-learning is a unique innovation that makes available to everyone - from non-divers to instructor-trainers - every level of our online academics and quizzes for FREE.

The list of course previews available to YOU is a smart list... it shows every course that you haven't already taken. So, if you are a new RAID tribe member, you have more than 110 free courses to choose from.

Once you have registered, you'll see your personalized list on your homepage. To start reading any course that interests you, simply click on it. There are no restrictions.

RAID are the online-learning experts - technology is how we roll - our online learning system was the first fully online system in the industry and remains the market leader. The benefit to you is unlimited access to the best online academics available.

Each course is presented in a series of easy-to-understand, exciting chapters, at the end of each chapter there is a short quiz to gauge your understanding of the basic concepts and rules of diving. When you've completed each quiz, the system retains a record of your answers. This prepares you to go diving with your instructor.

If when working through the quizzes, you get any quiz wrong ten times, the quiz will lock. Please contact your allocated RAID Dive Center to ask for it to be opened again.

FREe-Learning is a concept that can be used at any time or when normal training schedules cannot be completed. This could be due to a seasonal restriction (winter), travel restrictions or temporary financial restrictions.


The RAID LearnToScuba App has been purely developed to support the RAID online learning experience, both online and offline, for the entire range of courses that RAID offers.

It is the most advanced integrated training App and Web Site interface! RAID internet learning incorporates pro-active quality control learning developed for SCUBA dive training and it is FREE of charge.

First of all - is there any other App on the market today that can do the following while ONLINE or OFFLINE?

  • All the courses that the agency has to offer, RAID has 88 courses that can be completed via our App. As soon as we launch a new course it is immediately available in the App.
  • View all courses you have active, and completed.
  • Download all user course manuals you need to complete your courses offline.
  • Download a choice of documents and save to your mobile device.
  • Instructor Skills Sign off - any current RAID Instructor may login to the member's App and sign off completed in water skills, even off line! However, the RAID App will only allow RAID Instructors who are qualified to teach a course to sign off skills online or offline. This is part of the pro-active quality control.
  • Student counter sign off (pro-active quality control). Members counter sign the in water skill sign off confirming, in real time, they have completed the relevant skill to their satisfaction.
  • View all your logged dives.
  • Log new dives online and offline. Offline logged dives are auto synced as soon as you are online again.
  • Provide e-cards for all your courses, without charge.
  • Auto sync with the member's online profile.

There is no other training agency App that does this, none!

And all this with NO hidden extra charges; NO having to go to another program; NO having to open and login to another application, anywhere, at any time, with any internet connection. NO need to have extra dongles or extra "box" in the dive center's. NO need to be near a RAID dive center at all. Our members use the RAID App when diving in remote areas, for days or even weeks with no internet online connections.

Head over to your app store now to download, available on both Android and Apple!

I'm a diver professional, how can I get involved?

We will be offering professional crossover courses from March onwards. 

Contact us for more information. Stay tuned & keep an eye out on our website and social media for upcoming crossover course dates!

What membership fees are involved?

NOTHING! That's right, you read that right, ZERO! 

RAID recently rocked the dived industry by annoucing *FREE membership fees to all its professional members and dive centres. The industry norm is to charge instructors and dive centres an annual fee to do business with them. RAID has torn up the status quo and once again offered something new and unique in the diving marketplace. At a time when the diving world is still reeling from the ravages of COVID and its impact on the adventure travel industry, the benefit of not charging a fee to teach for the agency, is obvious and far-reaching.

The power of zero membership is a paradigm shift and shows you are appreciated for being a diving professional and supporting this agency.

Membership has become a major hurdle to new instructors entering the market and existing instructors remaining in active status and solvent. By having no membership fee at RAID, we have future-proofed the agency as this initiative does not only work for the pandemic, but also for many other global economic issues.

As we move into a new year, with new norms, and a new outlook, RAID will continue to deliver the best business support for our members, while helping them provide safe, inclusive, and technologically innovative Dive Training in a Class of its Own.
RAID Zero FEe-Membership is the latest initiative from the industry’s lead innovator and follows its FREe-Learning program and other business-support programs released in 2020. FREe-Learning opened all RAID academics to divers, dive pros and dive centres free of charge, and issued a wake-up and follow us call to the industry.

*To maintain active status in 2023, RAID instructors will be required to certify five (5) divers during 2022. Should this not be achieved, instructors will be required to do an online update which will detail all the changes at RAID during the past year.
Head over to the RAID website now to register and assign Dorset Diving Services as your local dive centre.

Select your interested courses and we'll be in touch in the new year. Keep an eye out on the website from 1st January to see what courses we will be offering to further your training and help you get the BEST out of your diving experiences. 
RAID Connect Weekend

Save the date - Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th June.
We will be hosting a RAID connect event at our dive centre and locally. The weekend will be full of diving, socialising and everything dive related!

Stay tuned for more information in the New Year. You won't want to miss it!

We are so excited about working with RAID and introducing our divers to their geat range of courses and training. We look forward to starting the 2022 dive season strong and afresh!
Don't forget to come along to the RAID Talk on 10th January! ;) 
See you all soon!

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