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Fourth Element Rec Fins

Fourth Element Rec Fins

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Reduce Your Finprint!

Made with more than 97% recycled ocean-bound plastics, this classic design channel
fin generates thrust on both the down and upstroke of the fin, whilst the stiffening
ribs ensure excellent control.

It is the unique combination of materials which makes this fin special. The plastic
is made from 100% reclaimed post-consumer waste polypropylene and the rubber
is made with recycled TPR. By using materials in this way, we are preventing plastic
being sent to landfill or ending up as waste in the ocean as part of fourth element’s
mission to become OceanPositive.

The silicone fin strap can be adjusted to accommodate different shoe
sizes with up to 6 different heel-strap lengths.


- Classic channel fin
- Balanced power and control
- More than 60% recycled materials
- Comfortable foot pocket
- Adjustable silicone heel strap
- Single-use plastic free

Available in Small, Regular and Large.
These fins will fit size 4 (US5) to 12 (US13) in black/grey and aqua/white.

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