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Shearwater Swift Transmitter

Shearwater Swift Transmitter

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Reliability you can trust.

The swift is the next generation of smart air integration (AI) transmitters. It listens for other transmitters, transmits when the channel is clear and avoids collision with other signals. Divers can now pair the Swift with an air-integrated Shearwater computers to complete their ultimate dive computer system.

With the intuitive AI technology built into the Swift, divers can use multiple transmitters reliably with a lower likelihood of dropped communications.

This Next Gen smart AI transmitter is designed and built in Canada for demanding divers of all proficiency levels.


- 76 x 34mm in size
- Depth rating of 200m
- Up to 300 dive hours
- Provides a clear signal transmission reliably
- LED status indicator for signals
- Allows divers to use multiple transmitters
- Backward compatible with all Shearwater air integrated dive computers
- User replaceable 3V CR2 lithium battery

Connects to Teric, Perdix AI and NERD2.

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