Eon Core Computer

Eon Core Computer
Eon Core Computer
Eon Core Computer
Eon Core Computer

Eon Core Computer


The Suunto EON Core Dive Computer is a bright, intuitive colour screen wrist computer made for the travelling diver who wants an easy to under stand computer that they can read in all conditions.  The colour screen can be fully customised to your needs and the Core's software can be updated at a later date by connecting to DM5.

A lighter and more compact version of the popular EON Steel Dive Computer but with many of the same features and benefits the Core sits just below the Steel in the Suunto range.  Inside the Core is much the same as the steel and has a similar structure but it is made out of lighter materials.


Colour Screen

The TFT LED screen has a full range of colours that make it intuitive to read, even at a glance.  You can change the brightness of the screen to make it easier to read in any environment.

You have a choice of display formats from graphic, numerical and a new prominent that either show you pure numbers for depth, air remaining etc. or circles for a more natural view or a mixture of the two.  As with the Eon Steel you can create and organise multiple pages or screens that you can flip through during the dive for different information.



Along with the choice of screen layouts you can change the orientation of the computer so you can invert the screen to wear it on either arm with the buttons facing either direction.  You can also fit an optional bungee strap for a flexible mounting option.




  • Air
  • Nitrox
  • Gauge
  • Trimix*
  • CCR* (Fixed Point)

Water resistance - 80m

Battery - 10-20 hrs

Dimensions - 80.5 x 55.3 x 22.1mm

Weight - 154g


  • Mineral Crystal Glass
  • Reinforced Composite Case
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Wireless mobile connectivity to Movescount App
  • User-updateable software
  • Connect to up to 10 Tank PODs
  • Tilt-compensated 3D Digital Compass


*not factory installed, must be installed by connecting to DM5



Feature Product Specification
Air Integration x10 Wireless (not included)
Apnea Mode No
Computer Style Wrist
Display Illumination Type OLED or LCD
Display Type OLED
Gas Switching 10
Integrated Compass Yes
Nitrox Compatible 5 to 99
PC Interface Compatible USB (included)
Rebreather Mode CCR, Fixed Point
Trimix Compatible 0 to 95
User Changeable Battery No, Rechargeable

Eon Core Computer


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