Pocket CPR Mask

Pocket CPR Mask

Pocket CPR Mask

  • Mask for use when performing emergency breathing or CPR
  • Constructed of flexible hypoallergenic silicone with elastic band
  • One way oxygen inlet valve allows for attachment of oxygen line
  • Includes hard case to prevent crushing during storage or transport
  • Instructional diagrams printed on reverse of hard case and in included pamphlet

The CPR Emergency Resuscitation Mask with Oxygen Inlet is an essential, lifesaving piece for any diver’s safety kit.

 Constructed of hypoallergenic silicone, this mask creates a barrier between rescuer and victim when performing CPR or emergency rescue breathing. This barrier prevents transmission of contaminants, and protects the rescuer from accidental ingestion of water or other material expelled by the victim.

 A one-way oxygen inlet valve allows for attachment of an oxygen line following resuscitation, to keep the victim stable until professional medical care is available.

 The mask is packaged in a hard case with snap lock closure, with enclosed instructional diagram pamphlet. The same diagrams are also printed on the reverse of the hard case.

 Breathing emergencies are always a possibility in any watersport, especially scuba diving. Keep this mask in your safety kit and be ready to save a life.


Come in a white or orange box

Pocket CPR Mask


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