The Mares Marker Beam is small and handily be fastened to the BC or be stowed in the smallest pocket. The Marker Beam is ideal to mark entry or exit site, the anchor or your buddy during a night dive. This torch can also be used as a distress signal as it is a flashing beam only.

The brass body is finished with an anti skid design, and is protected with a chrome surface. It features a very useful armlet. Very compact super-bright light stick that can be used to set an alert or signal with high visibility. Long-lasting light available in your pocket; three LR 44 batteries ensure reliable flashing under all conditions.

You can always rely on this torch, its burn time is up to 50 hours which means that this torch can be used on multiple dives before changing the batteries. Just three LR 44 batteries are used to power the LED Mares Marker Beam. The sturdy materials guarantee a solid body and a long life and has chromium-plated brass. The torch body is secured against leakage by two o-ring seals, the torch is waterproof to a depth of up to 100 meters which is an amazing 330ft.


Key Benefits

  • Super Bright LED - The super bright LED is for underwater signalling/alert. The high intensity white LED light travels farther underwater for maximum visibility which is great for night diving. The entire lens glows bright.
  • Strong Finishing - Solid brass housing with chrome surface treatment for durability.
  • Lightweight - Extremely lightweight which is ideal for attaching to diving kit for night diving or in poor visibility or store it close at hand for use in emergencies. Weighing only 50g.
  • Longer Bulb Life - The bulb can last up to 50,000+ hours. This is plenty of hours that this torch can be used to light up the surrounding area or use it as an emergency call.
  • Longer Battery Life - The battery life of the Mares Marker Beam is 50 hours. This is an amazing battery life for a torch which is great for diving safety.
  • Batteries - This torch takes 3 LR 44 batteries which can be replaced by the user of the torch.
  • Water-Resistant - This torch is water-resistant to the depths of 330 feet. This is perfect for a Beam torch as you can still use this torch for safety whilst 100m down in the ocean.
  • Lanyard Included - There is a lanyard included which can be attached to diving kit. This means you don’t need to hold this torch until you need it.
  • Small Dimensions - Just 11.5cm in length.

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