Christmas Scuba Wishlist!

Christmas Scuba Wishlist!

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It’s coming up to that time of year now where people are starting to think about Christmas! You’ll soon get people asking you want you want for Christmas…


Even more so exciting when you can ask for new Scuba Diving gear!!!!

Here’s a list of some ideas for your Christmas wish list that we think you’ll like. Don’t forget, pop into the store and we will look after you – Help to look after your local dive centre, and we’ll look after you 😉

Present Ideas

Light up your life with a new torch!
Not just for night diving but are helpful in low viz situations, for looking inside things (like wrecks and crevices) and for communication. You’ll find that most torches now use LEDs rather than bulbs and they have got smaller over time and with just as much power!

We stock Orca Lights and even have some available for you to try out before you buy.
We always have a stock of D520 & D530 torches in stock and will have the new D700 and D710 in stock from the end of October.
Torches you can try – You can hire (for FREE!) a D520, D530, D611 or D630 before you order. If there are any other torches you wish to purchase that we don’t stock, we can still order them for you and have them in within the week.
Keep an eye out on our events on FB and on the booking system for a demo night coming soon. We’ll be turning the lights off in the pool so you can see what kind of power they have and how easy they are to use, so keep an eye out and pop along.

Create Bubbles!
Treat yourself to some regulators.
Most definitely one of the first things you should purchase if you’re looking at having your own dive gear. This is one of the most important parts of your kit, so having your own is handy – so you  know where it has been and how well serviced and looked after it is.

We recommend APEKS regulators (they’ve built up a very good reputation for making high quality, extremely reliable equipment), we have always used them in the school kit. We started with DS4’s and have now upgraded to XL4’s. You’ll notice that most of our team use APEKS regulators and you can always pop along to a pool session to give them a go.

Check out their range here and contact us to find out more information if you’d like a price.
We can order APEKS and Aqualung regulators in for you and have them in store within 5 days.

Pack your bags & go!
We all love a good holiday and making sure we can take our scuba gear as well as our clothes & flip flops! So having a roomy, lightweight bag is a must! They’re not just for holidays though, having a set of wheels to get your dive gear to and from your car to the local boat or shore is handy too.

We stock and have available to order bags from Fourth Element, Akona & Aqualung.

Stay Neutral

Do you need a new BCD or wing? Or do you just need to buy one?!

There’s plenty out there that you can purchase. We can order these products for you from Apeks, Aqualung and XDEEP. We have an XDEEP Demo evening on 2nd December in our pool, so why not pop along and try some out?
Book it online now:

XDEEP’s range is great, from the travel ghost to the technical rigs it. You can even customise it – add extra D-Rings, add a splash of your favourite colour and you can even get your name embroidered on it, so you don’t mix it up with anyone else’s kit! We have the ZEOS Wings in the school too! Check out their range here, and drop us a message if you’d like us to place an order your you:

Aqualung have BCDs to suit every need and every budget. We use the Pro HD and Wave BCDs in our school and have never had a problem. Apeks have a range of wings for both single and twinset cylinders.

Computers – yep, I said it! That expensive thingy on your wrist…
Yet another first purchase for your dive gear collection.

Purchase the best computer that’s right for you – there’s no need to buy the one with all the features on it if you’re not going to use them all. There are computers to suit all budgets, but at the end of the day they all do the few things that you need them to do the most – monitor your depth & dive time, calculate no-decompression limits, display your ascent rate and show you your safety stop information. We have a wide selection of computers available for you to purchase from Aqualung, Suunto and Cressi.

We use the i300C computers in the school – they are so easy to use and you can even Bluetooth them to an app on your phone which is so quick, easy and simple!
You’ll find that our team members have a range of computers from a basic Cressi Leonardo to a more featured fill computer such as Suunto’s Eon Core or Aqualung i770R.

With some of the Suunto and Aqualung computers you can even purchase a pod or transmitter which attaches to your cylinder(s) and sends your air reading straight to your computer. Fancy stuff eh?!

DSMBs & Reels/Spools

There's plenty on the market out there and it's this that will make you seen from above the water. Allow other water users and your shore cover to know where you are at all times with a new, fancy DSMB and show off your shiney new reel or spool too!

We stock a range of different styles, sizes and brands including XDEEP, Apeks, Beaver & IST.

We have a DSMB workshop on 9th December, so come along and have a play with a few different SMBs, Reels & Spools - there's plenty to go round.


Stocking Filler Ideas

After those suggestion, if you get the “I wasn’t planning on spending that much on you!” comeback, here are a few slightly cheaper ideas that are always handy to have on any dive or dive holiday!

Eezy Cut Trilobite
A snazzy Emergency Cutting Tool (E.C.T) that every diver should have on their person.

An E.C.T. needs to be fit for purpose. Like a fire extinguisher or insurance, you do not plan to use it. It needs to be well maintained, and regularly inspected. Get to know how the tool works before you are confronted with an emergency. Locate the tool in an accessible area, especially when you may unexpectedly have restricted movement or limited visibility.
The EEZYCUT TRILOBITE has two sides, and so it has REDUNDANCY built into its design, but nothing can replace the true redundant safety feature of two completely independent E.C.T.’s.
The unique cutting mechanism of the EEZYCUT TRILOBITE provides the cleanest, sharpest, most effortless cutting action available. Everyone experiences the wow factor the first time they use this ergonomically designed cutting tool, as it slices and dices its way through line and webbing. The EEZYCUT TRILOBITE is rated to cut line with ease, repeatedly, up to 8mm thick, and can easily cut through larger line. TheTRILOBITE also makes light work of all types of webbing. With replacement blades, this cutting tool provides you with the best cut, every time.

Available with either a harness or wrist mount and in a variety of colours from black to glow in the dark. We stock a handful of these at all times, if we don’t have the one you want we’ll order it for you.

Gear Aid repair & maintenance products and Spares

Don’t get stuck on a boat watching your buddies have a great dive or 2 because you’re not equipped with the right back-ups or repair stuff…

Got a small hole in your dry suit? No problem!
Black Witch or an Aquasure Repair Kit should do the job for a few dives until you can get it into repaired properly.
Stiff Zip? No problem!
Keep some wax and lubricant handy
Dry Seals? No problem!
Don’t let them dry up too much, keep them conditioned with the Seal Saver.
Smelly neoprene gear? No problem!
We’ve got suit shampoo and odour eliminator to solve the problem.

We’ve also got things like mask de-fog and Jollop which are always handy to have as extras in your bag!

We’ve got all sorts of suitable spares stuff for your toolkit too:

O-Ring Sets
O-Ring Key rings
Multi Tools
Glowsticks and Light Markers

We’ve got a range of light markers that are extremely handy (not to mention mandatory) for night diving. We stock:
Ni-Glow Key-Ring Glow Markers
Northern Diver Flexi-Lights
Cyalume Sticks
Mares Marker Beams

All in a variety of colours with easy attachments and great burn times.



Lanyards & Bolt Snaps

We sell handy wrist lanyards (in black or yellow) and the great quick release coiled lanyards (in Blue or Black). Both great for keeping things like your torch and camera secured to your gear.

We’ve variety of snap bolts in stock – both stainless steel and brass in an abundance of sizes. We also stock the super-duper high quality XDEEP bolt snaps.


We also have a range of gift vouchers. You can purchase these online and we’ll post the voucher out to the purchaser within 48 working hours.

Vouchers available:
PADI Discover Scuba Diving
PADI Open Water Course
PADI Advanced Open Water Course
£25 Gift Voucher
£50 Gift Voucher
£100 Gift Voucher

You can also buy the Air Fill and Nitrox Fill Cards online!

 Come on by or get in touch for more details, we’re always on hand to help.
See you soon.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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